Health Care

With the average healthcare organization spending over half its revenues on staffing, it’s critically important to not just find the best people, but to deploy them the best way. Blue Rocket Tech reduces the cumbersome — and expensive — redundancies that can happen when staffing-related expenses aren’t streamlined through one central partner.


Staying on top of financial services technology trends keeps your bank competitive. Using a trusted and cost-effective managed services provider like Blue Rocket Tech keeps you profitable. We at Blue Rocket Tech, it’s our job to keep your business growing, all while adhering to regulatory compliance, risk management and information security.


The entire transportation industry is constantly evolving. Societal changes, environmental concerns and economic pressures are driving innovations for every type of carrier. Outdated vehicles and equipment, new government compliance standards and increasing consumer demands are also driving change and innovation.


In recent years, technology has moved to the forefront of the hospitality industry. Guests expect the same level of connected experience they have at home when they are visiting resorts or staying in hotels. Some technologies have been quickly adopted while others are slower to be embraced. As the network of connected devices has grown, managing this infrastructure can become difficult, especially for staff members who have multiple responsibilities in addition to IT.


You understand the benefit of insurance for your customers. We understand the benefit of ensuring that your technology does not get in the way of your customer service. At Blue Rocket Tech acts as an insurance firm managed service provider to both reduces costs, makes your insurance firm more efficient, and ensures you and your customers always have the insurance documents they need when they need it.


Whether helping clients plan migrations from collocation to cloud, or taking on “chore” IT functions like patching and backup, our seasoned, team can help provide the extra hands or eyes your sport organization needs to succeed. For small to large venues we can tackle on any IT needs your team needs to succeed on any project. We will take it to the next level when it comes to the services we can provide for you.

Food Services

Wait list apps, customer engagement, scheduling apps, inventory management tools … the list goes on … food pick up, food delivery, food donation … and on. All this tech is great, but it’s a whole lot to juggle and eventually one of those balls is going to drop. In other words, more technology, more problems. When systems don’t speak the same language, restaurants end up with soiled processes, and all the data these apps collect becomes fragmented and unmatched.


Blue Rocket Tech has tailored solutions that fit with both small retail businesses and startup enterprises. These solutions are ideal for businesses that transact less than $40,000 per year or have highly sporadic sales. In addition, smartphone and tablet devices are leveraged to conduct transactions and avoid up front equipment costs. We tailor our services to best meet needs and allow for flexibility.

Real Estate

Blue Rocket Technologies offers a full range of IT services including monitoring, maintenance, help desk, ticketing, remote connection, and more that will keep Real Estate Business running secure and minimum downtime. Our SLA’s are designed to provide the guarantee that our engineers will be on standby should anything happens that will try to jeopardize your productivity and will be dispatched as fast as humanly possible.